Sunday, January 22, 2012

Op Shop finds

Mum, Charlotte, Tasmyn and I did a bit of Op Shopping in Wollongong after Christmas. I found some beautiful plates for 50c each!!! So much cheaper than Canberra.

This plate has quite high sides, it's almost like a bowl. And so pretty.

And Charlotte found this Holly Hobbie sheet for me recently. I LOVE it - soooooo happy! I will use it as a sheet on Tassy's bed - I don't want to cut it up! At least not for a while. :)

I'm linking up to Her Library Adventures - check out more bloggers' great op shops finds in this post!


Lea said...

I love the plate with the scallopy sides and the sheet...what a lucky find. I have one Holly Hobbie sheet that will be used on lulu's big girl bed. I love yours tho..mine is yellow.

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

I adore the Holly Hobbie sheet. I collect character sheets & Holly is yet to be added to my collection!

Great find.

Zara said...

Wow what great prices for the pretty little plates.
I found some framed Holly Hobby pictures in my thrift finds for the week. x

Roslyn@Sew Delicious said...

Great finds! Love that Holly Hobby sheet!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

That sheet is so cute I'd have trouble cutting it up too!

Liz said...

Great finds - the plates are lovely and the Holly Hobbie sheet is amazing.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

I Love To Op Shop said...

Such a sweet sheet find, the plates are lovely too!

Lotti said...

50c each .... Bargain. Love the plates they are so nice ... they are just the type of plate my grandmother used to have and I think they are so nice. Lucky you.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the little plate with the boats on it. I once saw a picture of a wall decorated with antique plates all with pictures of them. I started collecting them and then we sold our big house and now I don't have a wall for them. They are in my China cabinet. I'll show you next time.
Love Mum

WV: chanis
No, not Chanis, it's Janice. haha

Charlotte said...

I love the first plate with boats on it too. They are all great, especially for 50c each!
The Holly Hobby sheet is beautiful. Ur sister must be such a lovely person. Hahaha!
Lol at Mum's WV!

WV: Phill
Yeah I know him ;)

Anonymous said...

I loved Holly Hobbie! I had a HH sachet and stationery. How cool.
I love the square plate with the red flowers! And what bargains.

Charlotte said...

Hi! I found your blog via googling "Wollongong Op shops" on my phone! Yep no joke! It came up! Lol! Going to the gong tomorrow to visit mum do gonna drop by some oppies. Yay! Hopefully more successful than today's markets!