Friday, December 02, 2011

Hanging with the rents

We had a really fun couple of days with my parents here last weekend.

They were here for Tassy's dance concert and the following day we went to The Christmas Barn at Bredbo. I've been wanting to go since the shop moved there from Canberra seven years ago - I bought so many beautiful things at their Canberra store. Things that I know will be heirlooms. I'm glad we went to the Bredbo shop but I didn't buy much. There is a HEAP of stuff there but nothing I really loved. There were far too many of these creepy things which I think tainted the experience a bit.

The next day, their last day, we went to the National Library to see the Handwritten exhibition. It was amazing. There were illuminated texts dating back to approx 850AD, plus handwritten manuscripts, letters and music by people like Dickens, Einstein, Braille, Napoleon, Michelangelo, Galileo, Bach, Mozart. It was amazing. It's here till March 2012 and it's free so if you're in Canberra check it out!

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Charlotte said...

Oh yeah they are WAY CREEPY!! I love Christmas shops. Will wants more fairy lights & asked if the Christmas Barn would have them, I hope that means we'll be going there for a look!
That exhibition sounds great! I'd love to see it!