Friday, December 02, 2011

Bloggy advent calendar DAY 2

I'm back to share another Christmas decoration in our home. This is the very first cross stitched Christmas stocking I made, for Tassy's first Christmas. I really love these Christmas stockings and I've made lots more. I'll share Dave's and mine soon too. The patterns were from 80s and 90s Christmas issues of the US Better Homes and Gardens Cross Stitch magazine - I bought a couple in the 90s, a couple second hand on ebay in the last few years and just recently I was STOKED to find a publication that includes nine of the patterns. I already have three of them but I was thrilled to get six new patterns.

And no, the stockings don't hang on the tree. It just looks better for the photo. In real life they're a bit too close to the TV to look pretty.


Zara said...

Such a beautiful christmas stocking. I haven't done any cross stitch before but it looks so effective and detailed. I must give it a try.
P.s I'm joining in with Decemeber Daily too.

Car said...

I started a similar one years ago and never finished it - I should pull it out and do some on it this year :)

That looks awesome!

Lotti said...

That stocking is just beautiful .... you have done a wonderful job. It's an achievement to do something like that . Love it.

Charlotte said...

The stockings are just gorgeous! I'm so proud of you for all your beautiful handiwork! I remember Mum saying your Cross Stitches were so neat you could have framed the back of your piece & it would still have been beautiful!