Thursday, December 01, 2011

Dance concert

Tasmyn's dance concert was on the weekend. She's doing Jazz again this year and they danced to Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Girls (I must have heard that song about 500 times now, sitting outside the classroom). So in true Harajuku style their costumes were CRAZY! Tassy thinks the costume is SOOOOO cool and she's going to wear it again to the end of year concert at school which is Japanese themed.

So here she is. They also had cute parasols but they couldn't keep them so I didn't get a pic.


Anonymous said...

Tassy is looking so grown up in her outfit. We really enjoyed her performance and the whole concert. It has become part of our Christmas celebrations.
Great work Tassy,
Love Granny

WV: reeks

This house reeks with the smell of new paint.

Lea said...

That's a really really really really cool costume! I wish I had one like it. Could you show me the dance next time I see you cos it would be cool.
Love Bella

PS I really liked the link with all the hairstyles too.

Lis said...

Love the costume, so funkyily pretty!!