Thursday, December 01, 2011

Bloggy advent calendar DAY 1

1 December! It's officially the beginning of Christmas! OK, it's no secret that I love Christmas. Tassy, Mum and I put up our tree(s) et al last weekend and now I am getting into Christmas on my blog. I've decided to post a special Christmas decoration or ornament every day leading up to Christmas. A bloggy advent calendar if you will. Anyone want to join me?

The first one is a tree ornament that mum made a few years ago. She made them for all her girls. Isn't it beautiful? When she was decorating our tree last weekend she was surprised to find so MANY ornaments that she has made. She said when we lived in Grafton her sister Laurel in The Blue Mountains made Mum an ornament, saying she wanted to be represented on the tree. Mum thought it was a lovely idea and has been doing the same for us. I love it too. :)


Charlotte said...

I don't have a bird!!!! He's so sweet!
Love the advent blog idea!!

Charlotte said...

I'm playing along!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Christmas Blog idea. Yes join in Charlotte and anyone else too. I have never met so many people as this year who confess outwardly to loving Christmas! But don't forget to pause and remember Jesus whose birthday we are celebrating and who gives us all these warm fuzzy feelings and joy at this time of year.
:love Mum

Lea said...

It's beautiful Yvette. Granny is very clever and I love the sentiment too.

Car said...

Im with you, have set up a linky over on my blog for my own advent blog-a-long - have been doing it for years and actually have more interest in it this year :)

Love your birdy ornament :)

Lis said...

Beautiful little ornament. I love handmade ornaments on the christmas tree and still have most of the ones the boys have made over the years.