Thursday, December 08, 2011

Bloggy advent calendar DAY 8

Hello, it's a patchwork Santa! Did you know I used to cross stitch like it was going out of fashion? LOL. Well it WAS going out of fashion but it's making a little bit of a comeback. So say hello to the Santa that has made an appearance in my house every Christmas for the last 16 years.


Lotti said...

I used to cross-stitch all the time, don't do it very often any more, other things to keep me busy. I do love doing cross-stitch though. This one is gorgeous.

Lea said...

most patient person ever! make sure you show all your stockings too.

Sheree said...

So beautiful Yvette! Love it!

Sheree xx

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful! And such a classic design. I love it! And cross-stitch always looks wonderful when it is appropriately framed as yours is.