Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Let's see if I can beat Mist to What I Wore Wednesday today! Sorry but no swimwear or disco clothes for ME!

Cardi - Valleygirl
Dress - Cotton On
Skirt - Target
Shoes - Dianna Ferrari
Necklace - Elk
Bracelet - Diva
(I know - I do wear that bracelet a lot - and I wear the Elk necklace a lot in summer too!)

Don't forget to check out Charlotte, Janelle, Mardi, Kylie, Lis and Car to see what they've been wearing.


Charlotte said...

Is that dress just one dress? Looks like your grey dress underneath!
That's my FAVE necklace. I'm so glad you're leaving it to me in your will ;)

WV: cender
I hope my Op Shop Swap present doesn't get returned to cender. I'll have to address it properly!

Janelle Wind said...

Love your outfit Yvette. I think it is so cool to layer 2 dresses together too - love your cardi, that necklace and your red shoes too. Gorgeousness everywhere... xx Janelle

Mardi said...

I agree .....such cool layering....and I always notice that bracelet because I adore it!!
I just need a close up of the necklace.... I'm pretty sure I've seen it before...and loved it though.
Mardi x

Sheree said...

Love how you put your layering together Yvette! You look fabulous!!

Sheree xx

Lis said...

Love the layering of skirt and dress, the red cardi is so pretty!