Wednesday, November 09, 2011

What mist Wore Wednesday

hello, this is what mist wore wednesday here! no, mist is not my name, and it isn't my nickname either. my name is tasmyn and mist is my blythe doll. since my mum is doing what i wore wednesday, I am doing what mist wore wednesday. i don't expect many people will read this, but maybe you know me, or maybe you know my mum, maybe you are only reading this because my mum told you to, but i don't know... so i will just get to the photos.

first, mist went to a pool party, so here she is in her pretty blue swimmers.

After her pool party, mist had a disco party with some friends.

this is what mist wore wednesday signing out. :)


Lis said...

She looks very stylish Tasmyn :)

Sheree said...

Sounds like Mist has had a really fun week! She's looking super cute in her outfits!

Sheree xx

Christine said...

How lucky is Mist! A pool party and a disco!

She looks amazing Tassy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tassy,

Mist looks great in her swimmers and very cool in her disco clothes. Will she be visiting with us for Christmas too?
Love Granny

Louella said...

I wish I was a stylish as Mist!!

Car said...

Hi Tasmyn - mist looks lovely in her swimmers :)

I too have the same girl (mine is called Rue), sheis really lovely! So when is your mum getting herself a girl LOL???

Anonymous said...

Love both of Mist's outfits. She looks very nice. Sorry my name doesn't come up, it maybe because I'm in the USA.

Lotti said...

very cute

Charlotte said...

Wow Tassy,
Mist is super chic in her outfits! Did you style her all on your own? Maybe you can design all the costumes for your movie too!
Those are some cool Hollywood sunglasses Mist has!