Wednesday, November 09, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Hello again Wednesday! Here's what I wore recently.

Jacket - Wayne Cooper (from Material Pleasures, second hand clothing)
Dress - Ruche
Leggings - Target
Shoes - Dianna Ferrari
Necklace - made from a vintage tyewriter key

Now I'm after a bit of practical advice. See those tabs and buckles at the side of the jacket? They're the kind that don't have a pin to hold the buckle in place, so I tighten them... and they quickly work themselves loose. Anyone have any suggestions for holding the buckle in place? Should I just stitch them down?

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Lis said...

Cute outfit :)
What about some cute buttons, if you dont want to adjust it then you dont need a button hole. Maybe a prestud type thing.\, if you do want to adjust.

Charlotte said...

Stitch em, if u don't use em!
Some small whip stitches on the back, that don't come thru to the front, to tack it down. I reckon that would work!
Great buy with that jacket too, suits u & fits so well!

WV: grapho
I like bold patterns, especially grapho ones of really interesting shapes. ;)

Lotti said...

Really nice outfit ... looks great ..... I was thinking what about some very small pieces of velcro ??? Not sure if it would be the right thing or not, but it's just a thought I had. Might work

Sheree said...

Another cute outfit Yvette! Loving those shoes!

Sheree xx