Monday, November 14, 2011

Music art

Remember this vintage sheet music I bought at the op shop recently?

Well I bought this cutesy Winnie the Pooh framed print, turfed pooh and spray painted the frame.

And now it looks like this. The background at the moment is just the chipboard frame backing but I want to use cardstock for the background. I'm just not sure on the colour. White, cream, red, black? Any ideas? (nb, you know, with all the reflections it's really hard to take a photo of a glazed frame!)


Shandell said...

What a great way to re-vamp an old frame :) I think a red background would give it that 'wow' factor!

Charlotte said...

I love the repurpose of that frame, ew the Pooh pic is no good! I only like Classic Pooh :)

WV: Bired
I have so much to do, I never get bired!

Just like Martha said...

I agree with Shandell's comment go for red Yvette, it would look great, a kinda cherry red like on the cover...can't wait to see the finished product! Hve a great day x

Lis said...

What a great piece of wall art!! Red or Black would look good, maybe even a thick black border around the music sheet and the rest covered in actuall music pages?