Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dubbo Zoo

I'm finally at the end of our holiday posts. On the last day of our holiday we went to Dubbo Zoo. I had been there when I was about 13 and remembered wide open spaces. There are still plenty of those! We hired bikes and rode around the zoo which was heaps of fun. Walking would be good too, although could be pretty tiring especially in the heat. Driving - well I think you'd feel too removed from the experience unless you parked and walked some of the way.

Here are some for you mum. HELLOOOOOO!!

As a family we agreed that the white rhinos were our favourite at the zoo. They were just SO massive - it's hard to tell in the photos.

This is one of the containers they use to transport the white rhinos.

I was so disappointed when the echidna was nowhere to be seen in his enclosure. Just as we were leaving the area I heard someone shout that he was coming out so I was thrilled to see him. He was gorgeous!

LOOK! A baby zebra! Everyone goes "Awwwwwwwww". He's SO cute!!

These Siamangs were SO loud when they flirted with each other. We could hear them from the other side of the zoo and searched out who was making all the noise.

It was definitely worth the long detour home from the coast and it's not somewhere we're likely to go again any time soon so I'm so glad we got to go to Dubbo Zoo!


Lea said...

We loved Dubbo Zoo too. Poor Lulu was so little when we went and we rode around with her in one of those enclosed trailer/cart thingys. She had this huge bike helmet on which we eventually ditched because it wasn't like we were racing or anything. Looks like you all had fun-especially Dave! lol.

Lis said...

I havent been to a zoo in so so long, im not sure the boys ever have, really should fix that. Love the giraffes!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos of the Zoo. Love the giraffes and the elephants. The baby zebra is so cute, but then all babies are, oh except baby birds, they're ugly.
Love Mum