Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Boy we have had some crazy weather lately. Yesterday was wet and cold and the previous couple of days were HOT! Yesterday was bizarre. The warmest it got was 18 degrees at 3am (yes - "am"!!) then during the day it only got to 13 degrees. Crazy weather. The rain is great tho.

White top - Temt
Blue Top - Glassons (handed down from Alicia)
Skirt - Temt
Jacket - Valleygirl
Shoes - somewhere at DFO for $5
"Yvette" necklace - bought at this Etsy store!

There's a story about those $5 DFO shoes - I only tried on one shoe in the store and when I got home I realised the second shoe was a different size. So I phoned the store to see if they had TWO in my size and asked the guy working there to put them aside for me. I said I didn't know when I'd get back there to pick them up and he asked me where I lived (at least 20 mins away from the store and we are on the fringe - there's nothing further out than us!). He said he didn't live too far from me and offered to drop them off to me! That was all over a year ago and since he hasn't turned out to be a stalker (unless he's really good at staying in the shadows) I thought that was pretty awesome customer service!


Lis said...

Love all the blues, must go check out Tempt skirts loving the length on you being so tall,.

What fab customer service, not many people would do that these days.

Kylie said...

very nice shoes!! LOVE EM!! & yes what fabulous customer service!! its so good to hear a HAPPY customer service story for a change...whats that in the bushes behind you???!!! ;0) LOL

Sheree said...

Loving those blues with those cute yellow shoes Yvette!

Sheree xx