Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Hello Wednesday! Here's an outfit I wore to work recently. I haven't put these layers together before. Possible frill overload.

I'm frilled to be here!

Here's a closeup of my shoes. I tell Tassy they are made from the very rare turquoise viper found in these parts. She is not amused.

Singlet - Temt
Vest - Temt
Cardi - Target
Pants - Sportsgirl (handed down from my sister Alicia)
Shoes - I Love Billy

I'm loving seeing what the other girls are wearing. Here are a few people I know who are enjoying WIWW themselves. Janelle, Mardi, Charlotte, Car, Kylie and Lis.


Lis said...

I love hte layered look frills and all and the blue in that cardy and shoes is gorgeous!!

Lea said...

Hello my friend, don't you look cute. Yay for frills! I love seeing what you wear:) I'll be getting out of of trackies and ugg boots todays cos I have an appointment with the press;)

Mardi said...

Awww you look GORGEOUS my must be the cutest chick in the office.
Mardi x

Cubby House Crafts said...

I really enjoy Wednesdays and seeing what outfits you girls have to share and todays is gorgeous...just love the blue cardy and shoes! Gotta love billies!

Anonymous said...

too cute ;)love your shoes i am a bit of a i heart billy lover, i heart flatties and frills yah

Kylie said...

you can never have to many frills!!! & the litte pop of colour...GORGEOUS! I wonder if i could find some vipers around my area so i could have myself a pair of cute shoes too!!! :0)

Janelle Wind said...

Well my friend, you know how much I LOVE frills, so I think your outfit is perfect. Looks totally gorgeous on you too, love it!! LOL at your shoe story, super cute - story and shoes!!! xx Janelle

Car said...

That is a great look today (I feel very schoolgirl against you lovely ladies today ;)
LOVE those shoes and the story, I'm afraid the snakes around these parts are very black with red underneath :O

Anonymous said...

LOOKIN' GOOD!!! One good thing about being female is we can have a frilly day now and again, I love the femininity of your outfit with such a pretty turquoise. I LOVE this WWW idea... wait for Darlo, we'll HAVE to make an extra effort there..... luv u heaps aaj

Felicity said...

I love those colours Yvette and you do Frills very well!! Not too much at all! :-)
Cooper says hi!