Friday, August 19, 2011

Show n Tell

Just a quick post to show you a few things I've made this week. I made this card for a lovely friend who is about to turn the big 5-0.

And I made my first Granny square! Feel free to laugh - I do every time I look at it. But I'm proud at the same time. :) It was easier than flowers! I'm sure it would look better in a thicker yarn too... must visit Op Shop to search for yarn.... and obviously practice more!

I put Tassy's hair in 11 braids recently. I left them in for 9 days and boy did she have crimpy hair when I took them out!

I took this photo just before I took out the braids... it was looking pretty darn fluffy by then!


Sheree said...

That card is beautiful Yvette! Oooh your first granny square...and it looks great!!! YAY!!! Good on you!!! Wow Tassy's hair really WAS crimpy! How fun!

Sheree xx

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Tassy's hair. It's so much fun to do and the effect is so dramatic and the cost is FREE. And it's so easy to get rid of. A great exercise! I remember doing it with 15 braids in Charlotte's hair. She has thicker hair than Tassy. I want to do braids and beading in the girls hair at Darlington Park.
Love Mum

Lis said...

Such a beautiful card! Your granny square looks great, Ive not long been doing them also, I found you have to play around with what size crochet hook you use for the thickness of the wool.
Wow, Tassy's hair must of taken you ages it looks great all crimped.

Mardi said...

Awesome card Yvette...and what a cute little granny are on a roll now.....youll be the crochet queen in mo time..hehe
I used to do Brionys hair in braids years ago too... doesn't it look fabulous when its all crimpy.
I bet Tassy loved it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Y! Thanks so much for your beautiful card which I received on my birthday! What a lovely surprise to see it on your blog! I had a lovely day with my family, all organised by Richard (he surprised me with all he did!)So far 50's not that bad.... Seeing the photo of Tassy with her crimped hair reminded me of the time you got your glamorous spiral perm way back in the Coffs days!
Best wishes as always