Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

I had a guest photographer for this week's WIWW post. My sister Charlotte! Thanks for your photographic contribution Charlotte! I'll be back soon with pics from her visit but in the meantime here's what I wore yesterday!

Top - Temt
Jacket - Jag (from an Op Shop - thanks Moira for talking me into buying this!)
Skirt - Target
Leggings - Temt
Scarf - Forever New
Boots - Diana Ferrari


Lis said...

Super cute outfit, love the colour of your top!

Kylie said...

very snazzy looking!! love the boots with your skirt ti looks great. & btw - your dd hair is gorgeous with all those crimps in it!! & love the feel of it too when you take them out - did that to my dd hair when she was little..toooo sweet they are :0)

Car said...

I love that skirt and the whole outfit is so cute! I need to get a guest photographer, I was sprung taking the self portrait by hubby today, he just doesnt get it LOL

Sheree said...

Cute skirt and jacket Yvette! Love that colour of that top too...gorgeous!

Sheree xx

Mardi said...

You look so sassy this week Yvette.....that middle photo is very cute...and I'm so pleased Moi talked you into that jacket....its gorgeous.
Mardi x

Anonymous said...

You're rocking that jacket Yvette! If I was slimmer I definitely would have bought it for myself. x Moi