Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Birthday girl

Tasmyn turned 9 on the weekend. She had been wanting a Blythe doll since January and, well, she knew she was getting one cos when she asked me outright I couldn't lie. So she'd been counting the days till her Blythe was "born" (they share a birthday of course). In honour of her Blythe, named Scarlet May a long time before she was born, she wanted a Blythe birthday party. Of course that demanded a Blythe cake. According to the internet no one has ever made a Blythe cake before (?!!!) so I was on my own.

She was very excited that her birthday was on a Saturday cos it meant she could have her party on her ACTUAL birthday! She had a fantastic time at her party and had a wonderful birthday. That night when I put her to bed she cuddled Scarlet and said "It's just fascinating that what I've imagined is finally here for real. Words can't even describe it... fun... happy... excited... I'm just soooooo happy she's here! Thank you thank you." I was telling Dave, with all the emotion... and he said "hang on... I think that's NIDA on the phone." She's very dramatic!


Anonymous said...

WEll done with the cake, excellent. What a grown-up bunch of 9 yr olds. Alexia had a great birthday party too on Saturday, but devastated to end the day in hospital with her severe allergic reaction!! love u aaj

Anonymous said...

WOW! 9 years old! Happy Belated Birthday Tasmyn....
The cake looked fantastic Yvette - you're very clever xxx
Love Jayne

Sheree said...

Happy belated birthday Tassy!! Scarlet is just gorgeous and that cake is fantastic Yvette!! You're so clever!
Sheree xx

Mardi said...

What a special birthday.....sometimes the things we love the most....are even more special because we have had to wait for them.
You have done an amazing job of the cake Yvette...its beautiful.
Mardi x

kim said...

Happy, happy (belated) birthday to Tassy. 'm glad she FINALLY got that Blythe doll and the cake looks great Yvette!!!!!!