Thursday, May 26, 2011

Two layouts

My 1yo nephew Xander had an accident recently and needed stitches in his forehead. When I put Tassy to bed that night she said she was worried about him and I explained that he would be totally fine and would heal quickly. She decided to make him something to cheer him up so the next day she drew a pattern for a teddy bear face, cut, hand stitched and stuffed him (I just machine stitched around the outside). She made a lovely card too. My sister was so touched and Xander loves his little toy. I was so proud of her - she is such a caring soul. And he's healing beautifully by the way!

These photos are from Tassy's dance concert last year. Don't get me started on the photographer. Every year I'm disappointed. Look at the horrid backdrop. What happened to Tassy's other mouse ear? Chin up Tassy! At least the costume was way cute. And their dance was so funny.

The class photo is just clipped to the back of the layout.


Mardi said...

Tassy is such a sweetie....she takes after her Mum thats for sure.
Love the layouts Yvette....and I couldn't see what was wrong with Tassys mouse ear?
I did a 'spot the mouse ear' inspection for quite some time....and just couldn't pick
Mardi x

Anonymous said...

Looks great Yvette! And what a lovely thing for Tassy to do. I hope Xander is healing well.

Lea said...

Oh so bright and fun. Im with mardi tho..i cant see whats going on with the ear. We have been away. I will post your order tomorrow thank you lovely and will email you as well. Love x L

Christine said...

Oh, what a sweetheart she is! Gorgeous layouts Yvette!