Saturday, March 19, 2011

Catherine's wedding

Last weekend was my dear friend Catherine's wedding. I was involved in lots of the wedding planning which was so much fun. When I was bridesmaid for my three sisters and my cousin Kirilly I lived in Canberra and they lived in Sydney and honestly I wasn't a very productive bridesmaid. With Catherine I went to bridal fairs, reception venues, 6 or 7 bridal shops (and she tried on about 60 wedding dresses!), we made invitations and bonbonierre, went shoe shopping and I was there for her makeup trial. And I wasn't even bridesmaid! LOL. The wedding was absolutely beautiful. Catherine is such a dear friend and I'm so happy for her.

Our families are old friends so my parents were there too. We had such a great day.

I thought my sisters might like to see this one of our parents with old family friends.

It's taken me so long to get this post done that I might save the rest of my updates for tomorrow!

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Charlotte said...

Oh I love Catherine's dress! It's a little bit reminiscent of mine with the pin tucks and the side jewel detail (and I've been doing my photobook so I've had a good look at my dress lately!)
They look very happy too :) Yay for Catherine!