Thursday, March 10, 2011

Layout for Xander

My sister Alicia emailed me photos and text for this layout. The chubby elf is Xander and the baldie at the bottom is Alicia. Mum made the black and white giraffe for Xander and the orange giraffe is mine. Well, now it's Tassy's. When Tassy saw the photo she said "who's the baby playing with my giraffe?". MY giraffe actually!


Mardi said...

lol....thats so cute Yvette.
I bet its fun scrapping the gorgeous pics of Xander....a chance to break out the boy coloured papers.
Mardi x

Christine said...

Lol at your ownership issues! Those giraffes are so sweet. Xander looks so gorgeous in his little elf outfit!

Lea said...

So cute. I love the way you have incorporated the pic of Alicia into Xanders page. Very clever girlie indeed. Always love to see your creations:)

Sheree said...

CUTE!!!! Beatiful page Yvette...and the pics are adorable!

Sheree xx

Charlotte said...

Love this page! I love the comparison pic with Alicia too! I can actually see a bit more of Alicia in Xander after seeing those pics together, tho he still does have David's feet! LOL!!

WV: wress
I am going to go have the wress of my lunch now ;)

Anonymous said...

How cool is that!
Moi x

Cynthia Lloréns said...

Yvette... I just love everything in here!!!
I love the page...those giraffers are so cute and sweet...
Congrats for your blog!!
I will visit you again.
Hugs from Brazil