Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Mum, Tassy and I did a little Op Shopping last week. We didn't have great success at the Op Shops but one had a doll making shop right next door. Mum made some porcelein dolls in the 80s (I still have three of them) so we loved checking out the shop and all the doll parts. They also sold dollshouses and miniatures which Tassy loved. Charlotte has been making a beautiful Victorian Dollshouse for about 20 years (when are you gonna finish it?!?) and I love it. I'd love to just build and decorate a dollshouse. I'm not interested in playing with it, but I'd love to build and decorate! Anyway, the shop was clearing out some old trims and I got some beautiful things for total bargain prices!


Lea said...

Just beautiful! I can't wait to see what you do with them.

Sheree said...

Oooh beautiful trims Yvette!

Sheree xx

Christine said...

They look gorgeous Yvette! I'm with you, I'd have fun decorating a dolls house, but not so much playing with it!

Charlotte said...

I will finish it sometime!! I said to Will if Peabody is a girl and once someone moves out of Hotel d'Lam and we get Peabody their own room, that I will bring the dollshouse from Mum and Dad's! I'm sure they'd be way happy with that!

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