Friday, October 01, 2010

Scrapping for Fliss

I did these for my sister this week. Words and photos by Felicity. And today's her birthday - Happy Birthday Fliss!!! See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I love these pages of Sienna Yvette. So pretty and feminine but still girly. Love the crocheted flower and lace doilies. Such gorgeous photos too. So special for Felicity to have these when she doesn't have time to do them herself.
Love Mum

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Sheree said...

Two totally gorgeous pages Yvette! Love the colour combos and cute little details!

Sheree xx

Lea said...

both so pretty and great that you can scrap some things for fliss too. i love that white doily paper and the little splashes of yellow in the first lo. hope you and tassy are feeling better now.

Charlotte said...

Gorgeous pages! I love that rectangular doily! So pretty. Fliss is so lucky to have you scrappin these memories! She, and Sienna will love looking at them in years to come and will thank you over and over I'm sure!

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