Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Tassy and I were in Sydney on the weekend for my mum's 60th birthday. It just happened to be her twin sister's 60th birthday too! The party was great - lots of family and old friends, lots of lovely speeches and some dancing. It went way too fast. Dave was too sick to come and Tassy and I still had the tail end of a very nasty flu so I didn't have any cuddles with my baby niece or nephew. That was very hard!

Here are a few photos from the night. First... the birthday girls. That's mum (Janice) on the right and Julie on the left.

Mum's brother made a lovely speech and mentioned the two families running in parallel. It's so true. Both twins had four children - all the same ages. We shared lots of holidays together, even though we lived hours apart. And we're all still close today. Here are the two babies - Charlotte and Gareth.

They wore matching dresses, just in different colours. I love that. :) In their speech they mentioned that they dressed alike until they went to Business College at age 16, when some other students told them they were too old to dress alike. It had never crossed their minds to dress differently! How cute. :)

LOL - this one of Charlotte and Xander makes me laugh...

Here they are at their 21st with their dad. They wore matching dresses then too - one navy and one maroon.

And here they were about five. So cute.


Christine said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous pics Yvette, I love those old ones, they are so sweet!

Charlotte said...

What a horrible auntie that Charlotte is! LOL!
We had a great time at the party, so happy Mum wasn't too stressed and it turned out how they wanted :) I love that they had the matching dresses in different colours. It suits Mum to be in Red and AJ suits black dresses more so it worked out well!

Lea said...

happy birthday to the ladies. looks like a lovely party and loved seeing all the pics of the twinnies over the years. cute.

ps tassys room is ohdeedoh again. be sure to check it out:)