Friday, September 17, 2010


Last weekend we went to a charity screening of one of our favourite movies. The Secret of Moonacre. I knew the producer was going to be there but I did NOT know there were going to be PROPS from the movie there! The Moonacre book and the moon pearls! I was so excited! LOL. I didn't have my camera but the lovely Steph who told me about the screening, and whose sister is the producer, took some photos for me. Thanks SO much Steph!!


Charlotte said...

Wow, that is jUST SO COOL that you got to go see one of your fave movies AND hold some props. How awesome for Tassy to see some props up close too.. like the movie "came to life"!

WV: baled
I wouldn't have been surprised if Dave baled and didn't go with you, but he didn't! Good work Dave!

Sheree said...

How cool that they had the props there and everything! Sounds like you had a wonderful time...gorgeous page too!

Sheree xx

Lea said...

sounds great! must put the movie on our list of 'movies to watch'