Thursday, September 23, 2010


My parents have some friends from England staying with them at the moment, so they brought them to Canberra yesterday and they all stayed the night with us. Tassy and I met up with them at Floriade yesterday.

Nice view of Adrian's butt...

There were dozens of umbrellas hanging from trees.

These zebras were at Lake George recently, until some stupid vandals got to them. It was so nice to see them resurrected and being loved at Floriade.

Isn't this the funniest looking tulip? It reminds me of a frilly lettuce.

And... ta dah! That's Floriade for you!


Sheree said...

Everything looks so beautiful Yvette! Love your pics...and yes...that tulip DOES look like a frilly lettuce! LOL

Sheree xx

Mardi said...

I always liove Floriade time too....I get to live it through your I think you should create a layout with a pick of Tassy at Floraide each year... how cute would that be to see her a year older each time...xx