Saturday, September 25, 2010

My girls

Wowser's - I've had something published! It's been ages! This layout is in the current issue (I assume! I just received my copy yesterday) of Scrapbook Creations, in Carol-lea Morgan's sketch column.

These are my gorgeous sisters at Charlotte's Frocks and Fascinators High Tea (her version of a kitchen tea). We had the best time dressing up and eating delicious goodies that my family had baked. I love these girls.

This colour scheme is my favourite - black, white and neutral, with glitter. If you like it you might like my Glitter Couture class over at Workshops@home!


Sheree said...

I just saw this in the mag on the weekend Yvette! Absolutely gorgeous page!!! Love everything about it. :)

Sheree xx

Felicity said...

LOL! What did the magazine say in "your" blurb! Thats a bit funny. Are they allowed to change what you write?
Beautiful page and gorgeous classic colours! :-)

Nerrida said...

Hmmm, well don't they realise that we would prefer your words rather than theirs. Bit annoying but your page is simply beautiful - congrats anyway!

Charlotte said...

Beautiful page, of course! I love that neutral colour scheme. I love that we all managed to co-ordinate our clothes that day too! I will have to try your neutral scheme on a page...
Loved the Frocks and Fascinators day. Pity we can't do it every year! Does someone want a Frocks and Fascinator's party for some event next year? I've got lots of beautiful cake plates and glass jars!