Tuesday, September 14, 2010


YAY Spring is here! My favourite season. Floriade is on! I have a couple of flowers in my garden... but my dream garden would be bursting with bulbs just like Floriade is. Here's a little bit of spring in my kitchen. I don't think I've ever cut bearded irises before but they did pretty well in a vase! And there are some snowflakes in there too... I have some snowflakes which came from my Grandma's garden, but I'm not sure which ones they are, so I just think of all the snowflakes as coming from her garden. :)

Tassy is so good at entertaining herself. The poor only-child. I often find these little Blu Tack creatures around the house and they make me smile. She is so clever and comes up with some pretty cool ideas!


Anonymous said...

I love irises - and bulbs in general! I really need to plant some more next autumn.
How cute all the little tack people!
The LO looks great.
Moi x

Sheree said...

Beautiful flowers Yvette...and Tassy's little tack creations are so cute! She's very clever! Love your page. :)

Sheree xx

Charlotte said...

Love the blue tack creations! Tassy is a very clever girl! I love the page- it still amazes me how you can use so many different elements, like the doily, giant "&" symbol and a flower on one page and get them all to tie in. Genious.

Your flowers are beautiful too!

WV: nessest
You are the nessest person I know :)