Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sewing and scrapping

Mum was here for a few days last week working on my bridesmaids dress for Charlotte's wedding. Poor mum - the pattern is SO complicated!! Lucky she has LOTS of experience. Doesn't change the fact that it's a huge job tho! There are like 18 pattern pieces for the bodice! I'm sewing Tassy's flowergirl dress and there are only 4 pattern pieces for her bodice. How lucky am I! Mum is doing an amazing job with the dresses. And the job is made even trickier by Alicia's growing belly. Here's our dining table. I took the colour out thinking Charlotte might want to keep that a secret...And speaking of Alicia's growing belly, I did this layout today. I love how it turned out and it is very "Alicia". She is totally not into scrapbooking but if any colour scheme was her, this would be it.


Moira said...


Sheree said...

Oh my goodness...that pattern sounds like a nightmare! I'm sure your clever Mum will do the most beautiful job...can't wait to see the dresses all done! :)

Love that beautiful layout Yvette!

Sheree xx

Anonymous said...

I really have to comment on your layout of Alicia because I love it so much. Your classy layout looks like it could easily be on the cover of any "Pregnancy & Birth" magazine (as well as scrapbook mags!).

The colours are so soft and pretty and your sister looks lovely. A beautiful layout.


Janelle Wind said...

WOW Yvette, I LOVE your layout of Alicia, it is absolutely stunning! She will love it I am SURE.
And YAY to your Mum for helping with the dress, it sure sounds like a hard one.
xx Janelle

Charlotte said...

GOrgeous LO!! I love it! It is so very Alicia, very chic!

I'm glad you had fun with Mum too :)

WV: ankno
Hey Mum, do you want to make more of these dresses?