Monday, February 22, 2010

Frocks & Fascinators

Tassy and I went to Sydney yesterday for my sister Charlotte's High Tea (slash Bridal Shower slash Kitchen Tea). It was such a great afternoon and so much fun to dress up! We had to wear a party dress and hair accessory. I loved my brand new dress and somehow my sisters and I all ended up in Black and White! We've done that before too - at our cousin's wedding we all turned up in Black and Silver. Nice that we are so coordinated for photos. :) Little girls were there too and Tassy had a great time playing with her second cousins. I love this one of Charlotte with Auntie Julie and Mum...It reminds me of this one from their 21st with their dad. Only they're on opposite sides.My parents, sisters and I all did some cooking and the food was beautiful. And there was so much of it, a few people went home with doggy bags (me included of course!). We played a few games - a quiz all about Charlotte (and a little about Will), and a slogan guessing game. She opened all her beautiful presents and we just had a gorgeous day.My sister Alicia is now 5 months pregnant and has the baby is now visible! Well, not the baby itself - evidence of the baby is now visible! I love this photo.


kim said...

Oh look at you glam girls all together!! What a gorgeous array of dresses! And Yvette - your dress is lovely..I'm so glad you went back and bought it..its beautiful!!!!

Charlotte said...

Hahahaha, I have just lined up pretty much all those pics to post too!

Thank you SO much for coming up and all your help in making it a totally awesome day! I had so much FUN playing dress ups and hanging out with ladies eating delicious cakes! :)


Mardi said...

Awww all look so super modelish.... gorgeous.
Love the thought of dressing up and eating yummy cakes....cant think of a better way to spend a day....
M xxxxx

Sheree said...

You all look so gorgeous Yvette! Sounds like you all had the most beautiful day! Love your photos. :)

Sheree xx

Anonymous said...

You all look gorgeous Yvette. I love the photo's of your mum and her twin too.


Moira said...

Oh you gorgeous girls! How cool that you were so coordinated. Love the splashes of red! And yep, your dress is gorge.
Hey you didn't tell me Alicia was preggers! That is wonderful news!