Monday, February 08, 2010


I did a little creating today while watching a few episodes of True Blood. I'm up to about Episode Six and I'm enjoying it, but I'm not nearly as hooked as other people seem to be! So here's what I did. These were both really quick layouts - I think they might have only taken me about 30 mins each. Gotta love that!

I found my old school report from Kindy and I knew I had a few of my old pencils in Tassy's collection so I thought it would be cool to record them together on a layout with my Kindy portrait. School portraits are SO hard to work with, but I was happy with how this turned out. Maybe cos it's only a tiny portrait, lol.
Tassy loves skipping. She would skip the 1.5km walk to school if I let her! I love these photos.
Any Canberra girls reading this... check out this cool blog I just discovered!


KimA said...

I am not a Canberra local - but that cool blog made me want to come and visit again soon!

Mardi said...

Awww gorgeous layouts Yvette....
I have borrowed true bood from a friend....watched the first episode and just couldnt get into it....Im tossing up whether I just give it back....or try a little longer?
M xx

Charlotte said...

great LO'S! I love them :) It's a cute school pic of you, and great to still have some of your pencils too!!

I haven't watched True Blood, is it good?

WV: arardu
arardu du du du , push pineapple, climb a tree...

Sheree said...

Lovin' those layouts Yvette! Look how cute you were in kindy! :) I can't believe you still have your pencils!

Haven't watched True Blood either...might get around to it sometime!

Sheree xx

Christine said...

Love that old school one Yvette, you gave it a fantastic retro feel!

Moira said...

Cool blog Yvette - great find!
I love your layouts, and your Kindy layout turned out fabulously. :) So cute!

OxygenBurglar said...
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Lea said...

thank you so much for lulu's bday gift. so cute. she loves it. you are so very thoughtful. can't wait to see you soon. think it will be the 7th! Leax

Sheree said...

Hi Yvette! Thank you so much for all that glittery goodness I received in the mail! I'll put them to good use!

Sheree xoxo

Megan W said...

it Yvette, love the kindergarden LO thats very cool and i love how you have used your pencil, i have a few of them too, great idea, will be lifting thet for sure
Havea great week :)
Megan xx

BTW i notice sometimes you and Charlotte play a game with the word verification word and i thought this was very appropriate for you seems it reminds me of your sisters :)