Saturday, February 27, 2010

Coming home

On our way back from Sydney last weekend we went to Ikea with Charlotte. Oh that place is Heaven. If we had an Ikea in Canberra I swear I would live there. I wished I had a truck so I could buy some BIG stuff! I did manage to buys heaps of small things tho! I bought three little shadow box picture frames. I took out the glass front, put some patterned papers at the back and hung them on Tassy's wall as little shelves. I displayed some of her special things in them. When she got home from school and saw them she was SOOO excited! It was the best reaction! She promptly changed my styling and replaced it with her own choice of lovelies, lol. And here's how they look now.Also on our way home from Sydney was this little question... How sweet. :)


Charlotte said...

oh, how sweet!! I love that Tassy asked me if I would come home with you for a couple of days! So cute!

I love that BG paper too! I love the mix of birds and HiFi! Who makes that paper?

Want to go skiing at Pershir? I've never been there.

Lea said...

thats a lovely story to record and a sweet layout too. i can't wait to see you. i miss you so much!

Moira said...

You're right - they are fabbo! No wonder you were so happy!
Oh so sad. :(

suzitee said...

Those IKEA boxes look awesome! I love how you've customised them to suit Tassy's room...might have to look out for some :)
Cute LO...recording the little pieces of life is such a rewarding thing to do.

Sheree said...

Those frames look fantastic on Tassy's wall! What a great find Yvette!

Such a sweet thing to get down on paper. Love it!

Sheree xx