Saturday, July 25, 2009

Weekend layouts

I forgot to thank the girls who left me a comment saying what patterned papers they like! Thanks so much! That's helped me to put a few new papers in my shopping cart!

Tassy was really keen to do a layout together over the weekend. I don't think we've done that before. When she creates her own layouts she has VERY strong ideas about how she's putting it all together, and she isn't interested in my advice at all. When we created this layout I found that I'm pretty much the same! I really just wanted to everything MY way. It was HARD doing it together! I admit, I think I tricked her into thinking she had more input than she actually had {evil chuckle}. But I LOVE the layout we created together!

TASSY: If you put this on your blog, then other bloggers might say, if they have a girl, "well if Yvette and Tassy can do it, then why don't we"!
YVETTE: Boys could do it too!
TASSY: Humpf, if they were a boy they probably wouldn't want to do it. They might say "Sorry, I'm busy" even if they're not busy.
This one's of my nephew Cooper and I'm keeping this one! I've already scrapped the same photo for my sister. I used lots of old products on this one. Actually, why do I say that? I almost ALWAYS use lots of old products! The butterflies are brand new tho. I got them in the mail today and added them to the layout. Thanks Lea!


Moira said...

Beautiful! Roisin and I created a layout together last year. Such fun! She had more input than I wanted though, LOL.

Love the Cooper layout too. Great colours and I like the vintagey touches!

Charlotte said...

Hahaha, I can hear you and Tassy having that conversation, she is just so funny.

Another 2 fantastic LO's, of course!! I love your "Collections" of things on these pages too. I like how you used lace and a flower on the LO of Cooper yet it doesn't come across as too girly. It's noice!!

WV: wradis
One of my fave movies- Wradis of the Lost Ark.

Cherie said...

Beautiful layouts... love what you and Tasmyn did together...

Re your last post... Tasmyns bedroom is just beautiful, love it all.

have a great week
Cherie xx

LEA said...

well maybe my daughter and i will create a lo together as well. lol. i can only imagine how many fights we'll have-both wanting to be in control. hmmmm i see you nodding yvette:P

Niella said...

Gorgeous Yvette:)

I always stare at your layouts! Love the deets and colours you choose..everytime I am in awe:)


Mardi said...

Yep....Tassy has got it spot on! boys would definitly have said they were busy....even if they the conversations ....they always make me laugh...
Mardi x
Ohh....and gorgeous layouts wonderful to see you scrapping and sharing with us all...

Sheree said...

What a lovely idea to create the layout together Yvette...and it's turned out beautifully! I had to laught at your conversation...what a classic! LOL

Love that adorable layout you've done about Cooper too...gorgeous!

Sheree xx