Thursday, December 11, 2008

Day 10

These are little gifts that I made for Tassy's class at school. Her class combines with another class for most things, so they're more like one big class of about 37 with 2 teachers, so I was going to make the little handbags (with a milky way inside) for everyone. After making about 5 I gave up on that idea, lol. I made 10 for the girls in Tassy's immediate class and just wrapped the rest of the milky ways in patterned paper and tied a tag on with string. SO much quicker! But when Tassy handed them out she forgot who the handbags were for, so I saw lots of boys got them. I was disappointed that they wouldn't appreciate them. WELL, one of the boys (who is actually quite a naughty boy) found me, held up his little handbag and said "Did you make these? I LIKE them!". ROFL -misjudged...Check out my post here for a closer picture and link to instructions.

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Nicole said...

Just been catching up on your journal, looks like fun