Thursday, December 04, 2008

Christmas Tags

I'm doing some customised journalling tags for Christmas, just like this one used on a teeny tiny chocolate filled purse I made for Tassy's schoolfriends (instructions for the purse are here). These tags are so cute at only 3.5cm (1.5 inches) across.
The tags are priced at $5 USD for 35 tags, which equates to $7.80 AUD today, plus P&H of $1. They come with a tiny hole punched in the top (you can request no hole if you prefer) and I can personalise them with any information you like. The tags are also available in black. If you'd like to order some tags please email me at with the following information.
*text to appear on tag
*with or without a hole punched

I'll be back tonight with the next page from my December album! :D Off to work now.


Charlotte said...

Wow, thats an awesome Idea! I love the personalised tags :) Do you accept rude messages.. Lol!

kerry said...

Great tags Yvettee.What a fab idea.Take care Kerry xx

Little Miss Lucy said...

Great idea Yvette...they are so cute!

Charlotte said...

I've got it! can you make me some that say "Here's your damn Christmas gift, now shut up!" or maybe "You're a ho ho ho". And I'll give it to my girls at work. Lol! They'd love it.