Monday, August 11, 2008

Thank you SO MUCH to those lovely girls who have booked into classes at Scrapping for CF. I think it's wonderful that EVERY CENT of your class fee goes to the CFNSW. The site has been a wonderful success so if you haven't booked into a class yet, please do!

Mandy G won my lucky door prize at Scrapping for CF- a layout and some of my journalling spots which you can find for sale in my etsy store. Here is the layout I did for Mandy, about her niece Emma. Hi Emma!! :DWe had a yummy dinner last night and I just wanted to show you what we had! We went to the Asian Supermarket and bought some frozen goodies for dinner, plus drinks and a few other things. I steamed the frozen things - some on the stove and some in the microwave (I'll probably do them all in the microwave next time cos it seemed to work great!) and they were sooo yummy! Dave loved the pork buns, Tassy loved the pork dumplings and I loved the "yum cha selection". We still have heaps of pork buns and dumplings left for another meal. Tassy had a jelly drink (ieeeeew!) and I had strawberry fanta, which tasted a bit like creaming soda. The jelly drink was gross! Like cordial with big bits of jelly inside.
Here it all is straight from the bag... and here it is all steamed up and ready to eat. YUM!


Belinda Venables said...

What are feast - looks great!

Love the layout too. :D


Debster said...

Hi Yvette
Did you have your Chinese feast to celebrate the Beijing Olympics? I didn't know that you were such a sports fan(?) You'll be pleased to know that I'm enjoying all the sport. I love it!
Bye for now

Mardi said...

Wow...yummo Yvette....thats such a differnt meal...and a great idea to try something a little different to normal.. cool was that snow!!
Brrrrr....freezing weather though...

Charlotte said...

Ha ha ha... love the Asian meal! Will would have loved to be visiting your place :)
I don't know how they can drink those jelly drinks either, it's got those gross "pearl" bits in the bottom! Ew!! They don't fool me- they're not pearls!! They're weird squashy little things that threaten to choke you if you suck too fast on the straw! The meal looked good though! Did you eat them with the orange sweet and sour sauce? :)