Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My class!

YAY - my very first online class has just opened at Kim Archer's Workshops @ Home! I'm so excited!!! The class is all about grabbing old products from your stash, giving some of them a facelift and using them with your new products. That's something I do a lot! Here's a little peek at the TWO layouts we create in this class. Yes TWO!!! What awesome value! :DI would love to catch up with you in the workshop! :D


Moi said...

Wow you have been busy at your blog! I am very excited about your class and have signed up. :)

Wendy said...

those sneaks looks gorgeous.....love it

LEA said...

I have already created layout one!yipee, great to use that old stash and create an yvette adams original! congrats on your class.

helen karanfilovski said...

COngrats on the class Yvette - I LOVED it... there is a big satisfaction that comes from using up the old bits from our stash - EXCELLENT class!!!!!!