Sunday, August 10, 2008

Guess what we had in our backyard this morning...

SNOW!!! How exciting! It snowed for nearly an hour! Oh boy were we excited! It's only the second time it's snowed here since Tassy was born. The first time she was two or three and it only snowed VERY briefly and I didn't get any photos (not that you could have seen anything anyway!). Tassy gathered snow from the outdoor table and brick wall to make snowballs. She went thru three pairs of gloves! The snowflakes were really big and fluffy. She's still wearing her jarmies cos we'd only just got up! It wasn't even that cold outside. It was perfectly still so it was beautiful. But our hands got cold so we came inside for one of these. :)


Belinda Venables said...

Brrrr...makes me cold just thinking about it! It was freeeeezing here today too...brrr!

Have a fab week Yvette.


LEA said...

Finally! I have been checking your blog alllll day, waiting for an update! Wow you got to take Tassy to the snow after all-and right in your own backyard!lol. How cool!

Anonymous said...

Sensational Yvette so glad you got some too.

I could believe how heavy it was or how big the flakes were!!!

The only time I have seen 'real' snow was in England so I was out in it too.
I have never seen it snow like that here in Canberra before.

Damn it was cold though.

Rachie xx

Sheree said...

How exciting to have snow falling in your own backyard! Must've been chilly though... but fun all the same!

Have a lovely week Yvette!
Sheree xx

helenkaranfilovski said...

How fantastically cool!!!
The boys would be over the moon if that happened here!!!
LOVE the photos Yvette!!!