Monday, August 18, 2008

Carr St Grafton

Scenic Route have a range of papers etc named Grafton, after MYYYYY home town! One of the papers is called Carr Street, which is my old street (with about ten houses in the entire street!). So I finally got my hands on some of the Grafton papers and today I did this layout about our old house. The Carr St paper is the check and palm fronds paper (double sided). I even used the label from the paper cos I couldn't throw that important piece away!


Belinda Venables said...

I remember you saying that a little while ago Yvette - how cool is that!!

Love the layout too..:D


Sheree said...

Love it Yvette! How cool to find paper with the same name as your town, AND your street!? You've done an awesome job as usual!

Sheree xx

kim said...

yay that you got to use the grafton papers! And what a great idea to do a layout about your childhood home as well as include the label from the paper. its a gorgeous layout Yvette!!

Rach said...

Perfect colours on this layout Yvette!

Just quietly between you and me - I am ready for some warmer weather.

Hope you 3 are well.

Rachie xx

KimA said...

Great layout Yvette - who would have thought! I understand that they name the papers after town in the US and streets in that town. So there is that same street in that same town in the States!!!

Anonymous said...

absolutely beautiful layout! i love the design of it! tfs! :)

Charlotte said...

I'm so proud that Scenic Route decided to name a range after an Australian town and googled Grafton..(I love that you emailed them to ask if thats what they did! hahah) and then even prouder when they named one after our VERY OWN STREET! It makes me happy happy to think they thought of us from way over there!
I love the layout, now I just have to find pics to do mine :)

mummy said...

Doesn't our garden look lush and tropical. Yes our house was perfect for us then. Now and again I daydream about redecorating it now but I suppose I shouldn't dream backwards! I should be thankful for what I have now.
Love Mummy

Wendy said... amazing is that....the Layout is gorgeous too

helen karanfilovski said...

Hi Yvette - I am SO glad you got a chance to play with some Grafton papers - what an excellent layout!!!!