Friday, August 15, 2008

September Designing Memories kit

The latest Designing Memories kit it up! Muted blues, greens and brown with a little homey theme happening. There are a couple of the new Chatterbox products too! I love the Chatterbox Splendid Treasures - buttons, bling and felt. Good stuff! See the cool journalling on this next layout? I did it in wordle. It's such a cool site! Just paste some text into it and generate a variety of these little word images! Fun to play around with! Here's a tip - the more frequently a word appears in your text, the larger it will be in the wordle image, eg I typed "home" a few extra times to make it the largest word. He he, my school portraits. Feel free to laugh. Dave totally cringes at some of these photos. Actually, pretty much ALL of them, lol. I was cute for about the first two, then things went downhill! Every year Dave and I write a letter to Tassy for her birthday. Yep - lotsa journalling! You can click on the image to see a larger image.I've sent off my entry for the Chatterbox DT callbacks so hopefully I'll be able to share them here soon! :D


cherrytree said...

Thanks for sharing wordle.  I'm addicted.

Moi said...

Thanks for the wordle info. How cool! And thanks for all the layouts. I love the portrait one - and BTW I think you look beautiful in all of them!

kathie said...

Love your layouts Yvette. I especially loved reading your journaling in the letter to your DD. Beautiful!

Charlotte said...

I love the athletics carnival LO, I love how you combined a more dull green with the hot pink!! And an arrow too, so it gets an A+ from me :) Lol. I love your little scatterings of embellishments, I have to try more of that, it looks awesome.
The school portraits one is a fantastic way to show those pics. I might try that one too (once I dig out my old pics, I think they're buried in a corner here somewhere!