Sunday, May 25, 2008

My weekend

My sister Charlotte was the Demonstrator for my Stampin Up! party on Saturday. She was supposed to arrive from Sydney 1½ hours before the party. Half an hour before the party was due to start she still hadn't arrived and a car pulled into my driveway. I could see a snippit thru the window and could tell it wasn't her zippy little yellow car and I thought "no! someone's here early and I'm not ready and Charlotte's not even here!". Then who did I see but my sister Felicity getting baby Cooper out of the car! They had all come together in Felicity's car! I had NO idea. Dave had even been teasing me the day before "I know something you don't know..." He can be SO annoying with that! lol But I had NO idea. Cooper is now 15 weeks and I hadn't seen him since he was 2 weeks old - a whole three months ago! He has changed so much. It's lovely to get the frequent photos by email but it's sooooo good to have a warm cuddle and to smell his baby smell and to make him smile. Oh it was the best. :D I was hopeless yesterday and didn't get any photos of us when we were all dolled up - only these today when we were bumming around at home. Here's Tassy reading Cooper his Very Hungry Caterpillar book(she is soooo good at her reading!!).Having a cuddle with her little cousin and making him giggle, so cute...
I tried to disguise my morning face by making this b/w, but it didn't really work, lol. I love cuddling sleeping babies...And just before they pulled out of the driveway this afternoon I insisted on a quick one of us together (nb: I'm still wearing my morning face).And the Stampin Up! party was excellent! Thank you to all my lovely friends who came along! And thank you to Charlotte for being a great Demonstrator!


helenkaranfilovski said...

And your morning face is still so beautiful Yvette:)
And look at Tassy - how gorgeous to be reading to beautiful baby Cooper!! Too cute!! Lovely to hear you had such a lovely weekend:)

Alison Shearer said...

What a gorgeous trio you are - morning face or not! That must have been such a lovely surprise.Cooper looks so cute.


Charlotte said...

Thank you for having a party Yvette! It was so much fun. Sorry to stress you about by not being there earlier but life is different with a baby (so I have come to realise!) I love that pic of us too- If you're wearing your morning face then I'm wearing my "about to sneeze face" LOL!

kathie said...

Yay for great surprises :)
How have you been? I have been a bit MIA lately. Hope you're all well!

Sheree said...

What a lovely surprise! Love all the pics you snapped... little Cooper is adorable!

Have a great weekend Yvette!

Sheree xx