Sunday, June 01, 2008

Tassy is SIX! She had specific instructions about her birthday party. She wanted a Hello Kitty party, a pinata (we've never had one before) and pass-the-parcel with no extra goodies inside, lol. The old fashioned pass-the-parcel with just one present in the middle. I didn't even know she'd ever played it without the little "surprises" under each layer! So here is the pinata. I'm sure everyone knows how hard they are to "beat", lol, so we ripped it open after everyone had had several bashes at the poor little donkey. And the pinata scramble...They made Hello Kitty biscuits - not a great photo for seeing their handiwork I know... Here's her Hello Kitty cake... And pin-the-bow-on-hello-kitty. I actually drew Hello Kitty first, then Tassy said the grown up could play using my drawing and she would draw her own for the kids, lol. Don't you love her "sale of the century" model pose?She also got lots of Hello Kitty presents. When I told my family it was a Hello Kitty party I never even thought about her getting Hello Kitty presents, but she got HEAPS. And they're so cool. Tassy's birthday was on Wednesday and she had a great day at school. I made honey joys for her class and they made a bit of a fuss about her birthday. I did canteen and the canteen manager gave her a piece of cake. She had a phone call from my parents who are on holidays in Europe. She had spaghetti bolognese and YoGo for dinner and dessert, lol. All the important stuff. She enjoyed her day.


Sheree said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TASSY!! Sounds like she had a great, fun time at her party... and all those Hello Kitty pressies must have only made the day even better!

Sheree xx

LEA said...

you did a great job with the cake-as i expected you clever girl! looks like a sunny day and i hope she had a wonderful time!

Felicity said...

The Hello Kitty cake is awesome!! Well done! :-) The party looked like alot of fun. Glad she had a great birthday.

Charlotte said...

NOTE: When blowing out the birthday candles the camera always catches another little person having a "sneaky blow" they think no-one will notice. Always. (Just look back at all of our childhood pics!)
Great cake though! Looks like a wonderful day :)
I love Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty. And doesn't Jesse just look THRILLED to be surrounded by so much kitty. Lol. He'll wish it'll stay that one in years to come :)

Mardi said... sounds like a wonderfully successful "Hello Kitty" party....everything looks so cute and pink!
Mardi x

helenkaranfilovski said...

YAY!! Happy Birthday to Tassy!!!!
What a lovely party!!
Hello Kitty is SOOOO cute!!
Looks like everyone had loads of fun Yvette!!
I am thinking of you - hope you get better soon:)

Moi said...

I am highly impressed with the cake! Belated birthday wishes Tassy. xx