Saturday, March 01, 2008

SM and CK layouts

Just a quickie to show you some layouts I have in Scrapbooking Memories and Creating Keepsakes (Aust) at the moment.

Oh, first I wanted to say that Tassy's class did their PIPS (Performance Indicators in Primary School) test last week and this week Tassy's class starting bringing home their home readers. My clever little girl has skipped level 1 and gone straight to level 2! What a clever chicken. :) I was so proud of her. She is doing so well with her reading.

And now here are those layouts. Firstly here are my two favourite girls - Tassy and her BFF Bella. This one was a Doodlebug products challenge for SM using their Baby Girl product range. I love this photo of brand new Tassy. :)Tassy busy at her part time job (her full-time job is talking, as per a layout from a few weeks ago!)
And here I am with my chocolate stash. :)
That's all from me. I'm feeling really tired today but I want to do a layout tonight so I might be a-scrappin shortly. Have a great weekend!


Rachie said...

What a smart girl she is going straight on to level 2!

Wonderful layouts Yvette - I had a big giggle about the title of the chocky one.

Hope you get some good sleep and have a great weekend.

LEA said...

do you have a problem?? nope i dont see any problem!

Sheree said...

They all look fantastic Yvette! I love that baby pic of Tassy... so adorable!!

Great to hear that Tassy is doing so well with her reading! Smart little cookie!

Oh yeah...problem? What problem? Sounds completely normal to me! LOL!

Sheree xx

Anonymous said...

Clever Tassy!
Love those LOs - I haven't got my CK yet though?!
Looking forward to seeing you this arvo. x

helenkaranfilovski said...

Congrats to Tassy-well done!! She is super clever!!
LOVE all your work Yvette - and that LO on your chocolate obsession-LOVE it!! I must do one too.
And I thought I was a chocolate addict-that stash is enoromous-LOL!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I Love your work Yvette, inspires me so and Tassy is so clever she must be pleased with her reading.

Thought I'd drop a line to say hello as well, as I haven't said hello for a while...

I'm in darwin for work- can't find a scrap shop anywhere!!!! been here for two weeks you think one would have appeared - any ideas.

and as i see it NO problem there, in fact not nearly enough! Trace