Wednesday, March 05, 2008

One layout and a baby

Oops - it seems my chocaholic layout will be in the NEXT issue of Aussie CK, not the current one. Oh well, I'm sure it will be out soon. :)

We just had a phone call to say that Dave's sister had her baby today. So now Tassy has her SECOND cousin (cousin Cooper is 3½ weeks old) and we have our very first niece! We knew she was having a girl but they kept the name, Lara, a secret. Hopefully we'll get to see her soon! Oh I can't wait for a cuddle.


helenkaranfilovski said...

Congratulations Yvette- that is fantastic news!!!
How exciting - a new bub!!!

And your layout is GORGEOUS - love all the colour and the photo is so cute!!!


Sheree said...

Another baby!! How exciting! And Lara is such a pretty name too...

Love that layout Yvette! Gorgeous mix of colours and what a great old photo too!

Enjoy your evening!

Sheree xx