Thursday, February 28, 2008

some scrappin

YAY! Iza been scrappin! OK, well I was actually at work today but I did these three the other day. And I used some of my new Creative Imaginations prize on each one. Here's that gorgeous photo of Tassy from my last post...And I've had Tassy's preschool photos floating around for a few months so now I can file them away in an album. No groundbreaking scrappin here - just wanted to get them done! I used a mixture of new and old products on both. Actually I'm not sure why I'm even mentioning that cos that's pretty much what I always do! lolI did canteen for the first time yesterday. I'm a real school mum now! I'm lucky to miss their busy days, which are the days I work. Wednesday wasn't too bad, but we still kept busy. I even made some cakes and a slice. Tassy was pretty excited to see me there. She'd never been to canteen before. After canteen it wasn't worth my while walking home, so I helped out Tassy's class in the library. Altho the teacher didn't get me to do anything until the last 5 mins. Then I was stuck in the library with a child who wanted to finish what she was drawing while the librarian took the class back to their classroom. Then this child threw a tantrum cos she wanted to borrow a book and I said it was too late to borrow a book. So she refused to move. When the librarian came back I could finally leave and go and collect my own child, who was in tears, thinking that I'd left without her. hmmmm I don't think I'll be helping out in the library again in a hurry!


Sheree said...

Great layouts Yvette! It's always great when you manage to use up some old stuff on a layout... I've been trying to do that lately myself. Good on you volunteering for canteen duty! I'm yet to venture there myself... only a matter of time!

Sheree xx

Anonymous said...

Yay! New Yvette layouts to admire. These are lovely. I love your mixes of old and new. Noticing your little embie clusters and loving them
Talk soon.
x Moi

Mardi said...

Love it when you scrap.... you always so something a bit different...and fun.
Ohhh I remember canteen days....thankfully Im just over them now.... its not cool to do canteen at the High shcool....Briony would die of
Mardi x

Jolene Pienaar said...

just lovely layouts Yvette!! Sounds like you had an eventful day at school helping out, you poor thing! Good on you for getting involved and helping out!

LEA said...

oh i love when you post a few lo's at once. beautiful. love your new products. i keep going back to look at coopers little squooshed up face. so cute.

helenkaranfilovski said...

All your layouts are GORGEOUS Yvette!!! Love seeing what you have come up with:))