Friday, January 25, 2008

We have just had the best (and busiest!) two days with our extra special friends. Lea and her family were back for a few days!!! We have seen so much of them, it's been absolutely brilliant. We were hopeless the first day and didn't take any photos but today we took HEAPS! We went to the park with our gorgeous friend Kerryn and her children, then we all went to the Australia Dave Live concert tonight. Lea, Kerryn and I became friends when we formed our playgroup nearly six years ago, after initially meeting in our New Parent Group. I am so thankful for these gorgeous girls. Snap Happy Tassy took these photos today. So funny.Here are a few more from the parkThis photo...reminds me of this photo taken 3½ years ago. Tassy and Bella have changed places. Oh how cute are these three.and a couple from the concert tonight.


LEA said...

by hook or crook... We had THE BEST TIME EVER!!!!

Janelle Wind said...

Your photos are GORGEOUS Yvette and I can tell by the happy smiles on your faces that you had a wonderful time together too. Isn't it wonderful to get together with special friends x Janelle

Moi said...

Glad it was so wonderful! Great photos! Tassy is a good photographer.
Loved seeing the older pic too.
The concert pics remind me of when Matt, O and I went last year. Loved seeing the planes!
How was the concert?

Sheree said...

Great photos Yvette and I bet the concert was lots of fun... enjoy the rest of your Australia Day weekend!

Sheree xx

Kim Archer said...

aw, you look soooo happy. these are such lovely photos Yvette!!! I'm glad you've been able to have a catch up with Lea again..