Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Baby Shower

My parents came to stay with us on Friday and Saturday nights so they could go to a wedding here in Canberra. My sister Felicity's baby shower was the following day, Sunday, in Sydney. Dave and I had decided we wouldn't go, since we'd only been there are Christmas and we will go when the baby is born in a few weeks. But when I finally put two and two together and realised that mum and dad would be going to sydney on Sunday morning, I decided to go with them and come home on the bus. So we kept our little plan a surprise and none of my sisters knew. he he he. Oh it was so good. :) Alicia even cried. Felicity said later that she cried too but she hid it well! Yes - success! I had so much fun with my sisters and my cousins and my Auntie Julie. Oh it was great. The shower was at my sister Alicia's beautiful townhouse. She had baby-theme decorations which were so cute. Felicity got so many presents including lots of "practical" things. Always good! I got to spend some time chatting with my close cousin Kirrilly. And chatting with Auntie Julie about old photos and our recent email exchanges about the photos. I was only in Sydney for 5 hours then it was time to come home - I spent much more time travelling than I spent in Sydney! Before I left Alicia took me to her wardrobe and got out some clothes to give to me. And then she got out more clothes, and more clothes! I came home with about 5 pairs of pants, a plethora of tops and a fantastic work jacket. Lots of the clothes I can wear to work, so I'm totally stoked! I tell ya, she has some awesome hand-me-downs! She has a very high turnover in her wardrobe! Anyway, I took my camera all the way there and back, and didn't take a single photo. I've come to the conclusion that I'm not an "event photographer". lol Here are some photos that my sister Charlotte and Auntie Julie emailed me.

Here I am with my sisters - that would be Felicity with the gorgeous belly!This is a little baby tree Alicia put together. And Kirrilly and I.
On the bus home I watched The Lakehouse and The Notebook. I loved them both. Must say tho, The Notebook wasn't the most appropriate movie to watch on the bus! There were 2 sex scenes and I cried way too much. Makes for a bit of embarrassment! lol :D


Sheree said...

What a lovely surprise just turning up so unexpectedly! Sounds like the trip was well worth it... Great pics - love the baby tree!

Sheree xx

Rachie said...

Oh no I should have warned you about The Notebook .....
not so much about the sex scenes but the fact you may need a box of tissues.

What a wonderful surprise for your sister and for the lucky person sitting next to you on the bus lol :o)

Megan said...

It's so lovely that you were the biggest surprise of all on the day! And to come home with all those clothes was an extra bonus!

Megan xx

Moi said...

Glad it went well! Tell Felicity she looks FABULOUS.
Glad also that you managed to get some work gear!!! Top sister!!!
I know what you mean about event photography. It's hard to celebrate and participate! Kids parties are fine but not adult events ...
I LOVE The Notebook. Even own it on DVD (one of the few). Haven't seen The Lakehouse though!

Mardi said...

What a lovely surprise...its those little things that mean so much when we think back....so worth the effort.
...oh and I cried a bucket at the notebook...so I have a pretty good idea of what you would have looked like in the bus...lol
Mardi x