Monday, October 08, 2007

Time for an update

Where did the last week go? Well Tassy and I have been sick with a cold so we spent the first half of last week at home. Then Mum and Dad arrived on Thursday for two days. We met them at Floriade and had a beautiful afternoon there. We were thrilled to find the Patting Paddock there (my favourite!), Tassy had a ride on the huge slide, Tassy and I went on the Ferris Wheel. Tassy was so funny - Dad gave us his video camera for the ride and I think Tassy thought she was hosting a segment on a travel show. She talked the entire time and wouldn't let me turn off the video camera. And the flowers were just beautiful. OK, time for photo overload. If you're bored tho, just scroll to the bottom of the post!Tassy took this next one. Not bad hey! I haven't even cropped it.How lucky was Tassy! Getting to feed a lamb. I've done this with her a few years ago and I was so surprised by how enthusiastic and strong those little things are when they're drinking! This time she was doing it by herself and I think she was a bit intimidated by the lamb's suction! So she gave the bottle to a helper. She also fed a piglet. Sooooo cute!!! Lambs are my favourite too and I just loved stroking this little one under his chin. He had his chin up and eyes closed in bliss the whole time. I loved it! Oh I really want my own little lamb. Ahhhh!!! Tassy screamed with joy the entire time she rode this big slide. And here we all are (well, minus Dave cos he was at work)... And on the weekend I was so thrilled to meet Kim Archer! YAY! We have been trying to catch up for a while and she was in Canberra with her family on the weekend, so we arranged to meet at Scrap Junkie. Kim was sooo lovely, just as I imagined her to be. Kim, thank you so much for fitting me in to your short weekend here! And Scrap Junkie was a beautiful shop. It only opened on the weekend. I just wish it wasn't 35 mins away from my home!


Rachie Wyndham said...

Ah see now there is no need for me to go because I can see Floriade in your pics :o)

Glad you got the chance to get over the Northside of town and had the chance to meet Kim.

Maybe if we cant get you to drive here often enough you might decide to stay.

Have a great week.

Megan said...

Yvette I love your photos of Floriade - I will get there one day!

And you finally got to meet Kim too; that was a long time coming wasn't it?! I bet you both had a great time nattering away.

Hoping you're having a good week!
Megan xx

Debster said...

Hi Y
How beautiful is Floriade! I would like to see it one day - I just love tulips! Looks like you all had a lovely time.
Glad you're over your cold.
Bye for now

Kim Archer said...

and it was great to meet you too!!!!! Thanks so much for meeting me!! And it was lvoely to meet tassy too! She's a gorgeous thing!