Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My clever girl

Yes she's clever alright. We've known for a while now that Tassy's been able to read lots of words by sounding them out, but she just hasn't been interested in doing it. We'd ask her to read a word and she'd turn her cheek and say "no I don't feel like it". So we didn't push it, just gently encouraged her. ;) Well in the last few weeks she has become super keen to read and write. She is doing soooo well. Today she wrote to me "fens frevu". Yes, I know... but if you use some imagination it says "friends forever". Followed by "hape bothda" - happy birthday. I'm just so impressed! Have to do a layout about that I think!

I now I've finally done my first layout in about two week! That's a long time for me! I did this sample for Enchanted Scrapbooking. A new blog which puts together little scrapping packs. These products were fun to use and I'm happy to have scrapbooked my first photos from Floriade last week. I think I'll get heaps of layouts out of those pics!


Megan said...

Well of course she is clever - she's YOUR daughter!!! How sweet Tassy is; love the friends forever bit.

Yvette this is a fabulous layout. It's really striking and I love the bold colours.

You are without any doubt, one of my most favourite scrappers. Ever.

Megan xx

Jolene Pienaar said...

OH Yvette, isn't that so sweet! Can't wait to see you scrap that!
Just adore that lo too!! I love coming over to your blog :)

Moira said...

You must have written this just after our phone call! LOL Because I DID visit Wednesday night and called you but this wasn't there then.
Tassy IS a clever girl, just like her Mum! And now you've noted the language here you can come back to it later.
LOVE the colours in this LO. Looks FAB!
And you are also without any doubt one of my most favourite scrappers ever too.