Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My weekend

My weekend in Sydney was great. We had a great party for my sister Felicity. She chose the theme black and white, so we were a very colourless mob, except from Felicity in her bright red top! Which looked gorgeous. And her little baby belly was popping out. Would you believe I didn't take my camera so I have no photos. And I call myself a scrapbooker... Speaking of which, Charlotte took me to some scrapbooking shops in Baulkham Hills. Both had moved since I last visited, years ago, and they were nice and big. The bus trip from Canberra was... interesting. The bus was full to the brim. Not a single spare seat. Then we had to pick up another passenger in Collector, about an hour from Canberra. So on she hops, and the bus driver puts here on the step. Yep, that's her seat. We only travelled for about 5 mins then he pulled the bus over. I think he'd been chatting with a colleague on the radio. He announced that we would have to wait there until a taxi could come from Goulburn (15 mins away) and pick up one of our extra passengers. We waited an hour for that taxi. Finally we were on our way again and arrived in Wollongong an hour late. Honestly, it didn't really bother me too much. And ALL of the passengers were fantastic. No one complained. And I was stoked that my DVD player's battery lasted for 4 hours instead of it's normal 3 hours, so I was only the last 30 mins without it.

My sister Charlotte organised for family and friends to create layouts for a gift album for Felicity. It turned out fantatically. Here are my two layouts, plus Tassy's. Can you tell whose is whose?
And one more recent layout. I challenged myself to use some old products here (PPs, letters and EYELETS!) to go with Tassy's Playschool photos from last year. Not one of my faves but it didn't turn out too badly. The bike photo lifts to reveal the class photo. The tape acts like hinges.I'm totally buggered from the weekend. On top of the late nights I also had a spray tan before I left home. Just a trial in case I was allergic to it, cos I'm allergic to tanning creams. And oh joy, I'm allergic to spray tans too! So I've spent all night, for the last three nights, trying not to scratch, which results in not much sleep. I'm so glad i went for the trial - and only got my legs done. Not sure how I'd cope with my entire body itching! I'm bummed about the spray tan - I'm destined to never experience a tan! lol ...and I really wanted a tan for our beachside holiday next month.


Lea said...

so glad you had a great weekend. love the lo of felicity and all the things you thought of to go with her name. bet she loved the album. bummer about the tan.hope you stop itching soon!i have to say my word verification is very rude afubfu! can i say that? oh well!

Mardi said...

Glad you had a great time away...I love the idea of the layouts for Felicity too...Tassys looks wonderful as well.
Bummer about the spray tan!!
M x

heyhoewarren said...

Hi Yvette, I ran into your Dad yesterday who was telling me that he created his first ever layout for Felicity's album - was wondering how long it would take him!! What a fantastic idea for a gift. Your sister must be so thrilled - Tassy's & your layouts are gorgeous. LisaW

~KRISTY~ said...

love all the bright colours on the LO's they all look amazing!