Tuesday, September 04, 2007

KSK layouts

A new layout for KSK, Fathers Day theme. This is (obviously!) a very old photo. Tassy was 5 days old. Dave was laying on our yucky old green & cream check couch, so that was the background in the photo. Just recently I erased the background and was super stoked with the new photo! So had to scrapbook it. :)And this one for the Spring theme. Another old photo - this one from Floriade 2005. I love this photo. How come I never scrapbooked it before?!Thanks for visiting my blog. Please say "hi"! :D


Rachie Wyndham said...

Yvette this Fathers day layout has to be one of my favourites - it is wonderful!

I should actually go to Floriade at some point shouldnt I so?

Beautiful artwork Yvette.

Megan said...

Oh I love them both you big STAR!

You have done a brilliant job on erasing the couch....this photo is magic.

Megan xx

KimA said...

Hi Yvette - have said it at KSK but will say it again - LOVE how you have used those buttons!!

Mardi said...

Hi Yvette.... I have to say I adore that Fathers Day layout too...its just beautiful...and I love the idea of being able to vanish crappy backgrounds....it would make some unusable photos....far more usable...mmmm thinking!
Ive been missing you Yvette.... have you got time today to call over for cuppa and cookies?
M xx

Jolene Pienaar said...

I saw that daddy one on KSK and LOVED it, soooo gorgeous. Love the colourful happy feel of the floriade one too!

Felicity said...


They are beautiful photos and layouts. You're so talented! :-)

Long time, no speak. Talk to you soon hopefully.

Love Fliss xo