Saturday, September 08, 2007

Look who I met yesterday's Katie Noonan from George! I have loved George ever since I first heard Spawn about 7 or 8 years ago. I ran out and bought the EP, then their LP when it was released, then their second LP a few years later. Now how lucky was I - Moira's husband Matt won two tickets over the radio to meet Katie, gave the tickets to Moira and she took me along! We went to the radio studio with about a dozen other people, sat in the studio while Katie had an interview with the presenter, played and sang two songs, and had a little Q&A with us. We had about half an hour afterwards to have a chat, photo and have our CDs signed. It was fantastic! Katie's voice is just as absolutely perfect in real life as it sounds on CD. She is amazing. Thank you SO much for taking me Moi! And thanks Matt ;) And for those of you who don't know George, here's one of their songs.I was busting to do some scrapbooking this week. I was talking to Tassy about her bedroom in our old house and she didn't remember it at all. So I thought I'd damn well better scrapbook it! We moved out of that house just before she turned two and we have been in this house for over three years. I was a bit sad that she didn't remember it. So here tis.


Megan said...

Oh you lucky ducks!! Katie's voice is as smooth as water isn't it?? So pleased you and Moi got out and did something that was sooooo cool!

And Tassy looks so cute the layout!

Megan xx

Moira said...

Well after our conversation the other day I thought I'd better comment! LOL Thanks for shading the edge of the photo so I don't look as booby. And I loved having another big fan to share it all with!!! The LO looks great - love it! And what a very effective way of using up eyelets!

Mardi said...

Bugger Katie....I dont know her at all...but Im so jealous you got to see MOI again!!
I wish I lived closer to everyone else in the world.... Im almost all alone... almost..I do have a few wubbly wubbly friends close..
Mardi x

ohhh...and I love that layout of Tassys room...I might just be pinching that idea...

Mardi said... that who sings that????
I LOVE that song!!!!
Ok...Im with you now...that would have been exciting... very cool..
Mardi xx

ohh...have you got time to whip up quiche again this week?